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I realize that all college students have many problems when they go to college at their first year. They have many problems caused by the routine of school .They go to school at the same time and return from it at the same time. However, when they go to college, they tackle a new system of education and a new way of studying. In this essay I will shed light on the problems we all tackled when we went to college in the first year. In my opinion the most serious problem we tackled in college is how you can be independent and rely on yourself and another important problem is how to can adjust to a new way of studying.

Independence is really a serious problem that should be tackled by any college student because when he was at school his parents did everything for him; when he arrived at home, he found food was prepared for him and his room was arranged .Therefore, college face a problem when he is away from his parents because independence is not conferred automatically at a certain age or in a specific place. On the other hand, parents have to teach their children to become independent so that when they go to college, they are not shocked .going to college is an obvious, approved move towards independence.

Another important problem the college students face is adjusting to a new approach to studying. Students when were at school, didn’t have any pressures but when they go to college, they will be confronted with abundant pressures related to studying. At school the only way to get Highmark’s was by memorizing but when you go to college the approach is completely at school. Therefore, many freshmen at college have abundant pressures about how best he can studying. I think the way to overcome this problem by changing the approach of the school system.

On the whole, during the first year at college everybody had some disappointments or surprises which is not unusual but all of them can be overcome and all students can succeed...
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