The Problems and Solutions of Developing Research Culture in Third World Countries

Topics: Research, Sociology, Scientific method Pages: 3 (752 words) Published: December 5, 2008
Research work is an integral part of any society that needs to develop in this world of competing states. Either it is Science, Business and Commerce or Arts; the role of research work is inevitable. The significance of research work cannot be denied in any phase of life, and this can be well understood keeping in view the following points:

1. To those students who are to write a master's or PhD thesis, research may mean a careerism or a way to attain a high position in the social structure; 2. To professionals in research methodology, research may mean a source of livelihood; 3. To philosophers and thinkers, research may mean the outlet of new ideas and insights; 4. To literary men and women, research may mean the development of new styles and creative work; 5. To analysts and intellectuals, research may mean the generalizations of new theories;

Thus, research is the fountain of knowledge for the sake of knowledge and an important source of providing guidelines for solving different business, governmental and social problems. It is a sort of formal training, which enables one to understand the new developments in one's field in a better way.1

The research work, though, requires a lot of knowledge and hard work. Any state cannot develop a research culture unless it has people enthusiastic and curious about exploring the concealed facts. But this culture of research flourishes through a particular process that has to be implemented right from the beginning of one's studies i.e. Schools. As in today's world, it is crucial for every country to have a dynamic research culture in order to acquire new knowledge and also to advance universities.

But comparatively, the developing countries lag far behind in research work than the developed ones. Here, the developing countries are defined as all countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia with the exception of...
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