The Problem Posing Method

Topics: Education, Learning, Biology Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: April 16, 2011
While in high school, I took an anatomy and physiology class which was the best class I have ever taken. It was not all about lecturing and taking notes but learning and having fun, too. Paulo Freire wrote an essay called "The Banking Concept of Education". He explains the problem-posing method by stating, “Problem-posing education bases itself on responding to the vocation of persons as beings who are authentic only when engaged in inquiry and creative transformation.” (p. 265). The example of my anatomy and physiology supports Freire's assertion that the problem-posing method is beneficial to education because learning became a process of applying and application and not just memorization.

When we first came into class, we would do a clinical in our book, which is a scenario in which we had to figure out what was wrong with a patient or just answer the questions at the end of the scene. Then, we would discuss the assignment, and my teacher would answer any questions we would have. Next, we took notes on the chapter or lesson for the day. She put notes on the overhead for us to copy but not word for word, just the key points and only examples she explained. Freire states, " The problem-posing method does not dichotomize the activity of the teacher-student: she is not "cognitive" at one point and "narrative" at another. She is always "cognitive," whether preparing a project or engaging in dialogue with the students" (p.263). I agree with Freire because my teacher was not simply lecturing. We would raise our hands for questions quite often and many times, venture off subject with classroom discussions.

During the second half of class, on most days, we would do a lab or group activity. We simply followed the directions given on our lab sheet while she walked around to each individual table and offered help to anyone who needed it. Then, you and your lab partner answered the questions given at the end of the lab sheets. We did many group activities...
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