The Problem of the Color Line by Anna Quindlen

Topics: African American, Black people, United States Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: June 28, 2008
"The verdict is in. The jury has spoken. The death of Diallo, a hard working African immigrant, was adjudged a terrible accident. Not murder, not manslaughter. Louima's assailant is in jail. Two of the officers who beat King went to prison. There have been commissions, investigations, demonstrations, public reaction, prater vigils, op-ed pieces, television segments, classroom dialogues. And so Americans ricochet from event to event, speaking of reasonable doubt and prosecutorial competence and ignoring the big picture, the real thing, the most important issue in this county that we try not to talk about. That is, race."(Anna Quindlen) This segment taken from The Problem of the Color Line by Anna Quindlen is a good way to show what she is trying to explain throughout her entire article. And what she explains is that no matter how much this country has advanced or thinks it has advanced in the racial factor, it still has a long way to go. Anna Quindlen uses examples such as a black lawyer trying to catch a cab, and watching it fly by to show that even though this country has gone far since the days of slavery there is still plenty of ignorance and prejudice to be gotten rid of. Quindlen goes on explaining how the white Americans of today see our country as being very well adapted in the area of prejudice meanwhile the black Americans believe that this country still has a long way to go. This article explains how people in general and on there own have made assumptions about what prejudice is and how it should be treated. This article holds a powerful message and I believe that Anna Quindlen is right in displaying this and saying that we should realize that we are hiding a very important oversight on everyone's part.
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