the problem of stylistic research

Topics: Narrative, Figure of speech, Style Pages: 5 (3329 words) Published: October 30, 2014
Units of language on different levels are studied by traditional branches of linguistics as phonetics (that deals with speech sounds and intonation), lexicology (treats the words, their meaning and vocabulary structure), grammar (analysis forms of words), syntax (analysis the function of words in a sentence). These areas of study are more or less clear-cut. Some scholars claim that stylistic is a comparatively new branch of linguistics, The term stylistics really came into existence not too long ago. Problems of stylistic research 3. the number of functional styles The authors of handbooks on different languages propose systems of styles based on a broad subdivision of all styles into 2 classes literary and colloquial and their varieties. These generally include from three to five functional styles. Galperins system of styles 1. Belles-lettres style (poetry, emotive prose, drama) 1. Publicist (oratory and speeches, essay, article) 3. Newspaper (brief news items, headlines, ads, editorial) 4. scientific prose 5. official documents. Arnolds system of styles 1. Poetic 2. Scientific 3. Newspaper 4. Colloquial. Screbnevs system of styles Number of styles is infinite. Stylistics is that branch of linguistics, which studies the principles, and effect of choice and usage of different language elements in rendering thought and emotion under different conditions of communication. Therefore it is concerned with such issues as 1. The aesthetic function of language 2. expressive means in language (aim to effect the reader or listener) 3. synonymous ways of rendering one and the same idea (with the change of wording a change in meaning takes place inevitably) 4. emotional colouring in language 5. a system of special devices called stylistic devices 6. the splitting of the literary language into separate systems called style 7. the interrelation between language and thought 8. the individual manner of an author in making use of the language. Its essential that we look at the object of stylistic study in its totality concerning all the above- mentioned problems. Types of stylistic research (together with branches of Stylistics) Literary and linguistic stylistics Interrelation of Stylistics with other linguistic branches Stylistics and other linguistic disciplines Stylistic neutrality and stylistic coloring. Denotation and connotation. Inherent and adherent connotation Stylistic neutrality and stylistic colouring Speech external use of the language for communication, physical. The stylistics of language analyses permanent or inherent stylistic properties of language elements while the stylistics of speech studies stylistic properties, which appear in a context, and they are called adherent. Connotative meaning types / components Stylistic function notion Standart structure of fictional narrative communication the level of non-fictional communication (author and reader) extratextual level the level of fictional mediation and discourse (narrator and addressee(s)) intertextual level the level of action (characters) intertextual level Narrator types An Overt narrator is one who refers to him/her in the first person (I, we), one who directly or indirectly addressees the narrator, one who offers readers friendly exposition whenever it is needed, one who exhibits a discoursal stand towards characters and events, especially in his/her use of rhetorical figures, imagery. A Covert narrator he/she is one who neither refers to him or herself nor addressees any narrates, one who has a more/less neutral (non-distinctive) voice and style, one who is sexually indeterminate, one who does not provide exposition even when it is urgently needed. One who doesnt interfere, one who lets the story events unfold in their natural sequence and tempo, one whose discourse fulfils no obvious phatic, appellative or expressive functions. Genettes narrative types Genettes two basic types of narratives are 1. Homodiegetic narrative. In a homodiegetic...
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