The problem of Acid Rain

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Acid Rain

Without people knowing, rain has become a danger to the nation and the environment. Trees are dying, water becomes polluted, stones weather, materials corrode, and people get sick; how is this even possible? All of these damages are caused by acid rain — a type of wet precipitation polluted by sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and other harmful substances. Acid rain is produced when evaporated water in the air reacts with compounds. In fact, people are the ones who are mostly responsible for this global phenomenon. Air pollution and the emission of fossil fuels are the major causes of acid rain because when the substances react with the moisture in the air, highly acidic substances are produced. This situation may be reduced and prevented by using alternative sources of energy such as nuclear, solar, and hydropower.

Acid rain can harm people, animals, and plants. The problem of acid rain has become evident during the 1950s in rural areas because the use of taller smokestacks in urban areas push away pollutants (What is Acid Rain, 2002). Although forests rely on the soil's buffering capacity to prevent acid rain, forests do not die; instead, its growth becomes slower because of soil degradation. After this, forests become deprived of nutrients and become exposed to toxins that cause them to die. Also, stones and metals obliterate because of acid rain. Buildings and monuments corrode and deteriorate. People do not clearly see what acid rain does to the environment. Dowdey (2007) stated that sulfuric acid and nitric acid present in acid rain could cause asthma, bronchitis, and heart problems.

Reducing acid rain might be a big problem but it is far from impossible. By starting to use alternative sources of energy such as nuclear power, solar power, and hydropower, acid rain will be reduced and people will consume less energy for electricity generation. Alternative sources are gaining more prominence today and funding is given to the restoration of...

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