The Problem behind Childhood Obesity

Topics: LGBT, Sexual orientation, Coming out Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: October 11, 2013

May 27, 2013
Gay Rights
In the mid 1900s, during the Civil Rights era, the world we live in now was much different, as signs on doors told people with a different skin color if they were welcome in their business, and life in the U.S. was in a time of segregation. In school we have been taught in our classes of all the discrimination and hate that happened during that time period, and I hope that we all can agree that it was wrong. . At the time, passing as a white in society made things much easier, as many people had prejudices and pre-judgments because of skin color. I tried to imagine what it was like living in a world with such unfairness, and the images in my mind completely disgusted me. But these things are still happening today, but with a different group of people. In now another issue in today's world, this group of people passes as being something they are not, in order to be accepted by society. I am speaking about the issue of "coming out”. We need to rallies that this is a reality and gay people have the right to do what every they want to do because it is a natural human right. Our gay communities today are going through their own era of being rejected as they attempt to pass as "straight" to receive equality and not be rejected by society. It boggles my mind sometimes when I hear people speaking about the issue. Many in the gay community do not want to come out because of their fear of not being accepted. People speak of it as if it is a terrible disease or worse.

Although the gay community is not isolated to "straights only" restaurants, shops, and schools, society has made them a different minority in their own. It is not as extreme as the case in the civil rights era, however "coming out" today, is like the "passing" of that time period. Just to ensure that they will be treated equally. Gays must check the door for a rainbow sticker, or look in the "gay friendly" yellow pages to guarantee that they won't get harassed because of their...

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