The Privilege of Being a Girl Child

Topics: Family, Love, Home Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: September 5, 2013

It is a known fact that many parents have put a full stop after being blessed with boys after girls. But in my case, I sincerely thank my parents for lovingly accepting us in this world. The Great Lord has empowered us to lead a very Catholic life. In fact there has never been any complaint from my father that he could not manage or sustain so many of us, him being the only earning member. Rather he worked much harder and saw that nothing less has been provided for us. My mother on the other hand, stayed at home to take care of us. Her great concern for us ranges from our studies, food and clothing to our safety, love and individual attention. I strongly believe that our parents are our greatest gifts from God and so we must not fail to thank him. Unlike in many other households, in our home it is my brothers who actually do more housework than the girls. My parents do not have any favourites, nor are they gender-biased, nor do they curtail our freedom. It actually is their profound trust in us that disables us from crossing our limits. I gratefully thank the Almighty for providing me a home which I love to go back to and one in which I am safe, loved and attended to. I can rightly say I am blessed and proud to be a girl child born into a wonderful family.
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