The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses and Ann Story Literature Analysis

Topics: The Reader, African American, I Have a Dream Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: October 7, 2010

The narrative about “Ann Story” written by Dorothy Canfield Fisher and “The Prisoner who wore Glasses” by Bessie head are stories that depicts the ability of people who are in different situations to completely adapt regardless of uncertainties life throws their way.

Dorothy Canfield not only depicts this story in a very vivid manner, she was able to captivate the readers, drawing them closer with every written line. She managed express certain tones in the story that gave us a deeper look into to Ann story’s life. Readers were able to put themselves in her shoes through out the whole story. This gave the story a tone which expresses, hardship, perseverance and commitment .

In the tale about Ann Story, the author uses a solemn tone at the beginning giving the readers an impression that this tale is going to be about another widowed wife who has to find her way with five young children. “ Nobody has ever told us about the day when young Ann Story for she was thirty-three at the time her husband died, back in the Connecticut town, weary and waiting for news, watching the road anxiously saw her eldest son, foot-sore, dusty, ragged, his head hanging trudging in on the highway from the north. ” ”When Vermonters telling this story, come to the meeting of mother and son, they stop, swallow hard, and are silent for a moment ”. This initially tone of the story led me to believe that this story was going to be about a sorrow widowed woman, but the author manages to take the tone of the story on a whole new direction, causing me to disregard the initial presage notion I had about the story. As the tone of the story change my perception of who Ann Story was really changed, it showed the extent she was willing to go to carry out what she believed in. “Her sorrow over her husbands death seemed to her a mighty reason for carrying out what they had planned together, to make free landowners and citizens of...
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