The Prison System and Rehabilitation

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The prison system objective is to punish offender, prevent prospective criminals from breaking the law, keeping the public safe, restore offenders and also to provide structure and discipline to criminals. In some cases, the prison system does not work for all criminals. Some criminals will learn after their offense, while on the hand some are immune to commit criminal act. Although our prison system is not perfect, it is better than what it used to be. If there were no prison sentence as a punishment, society would be uncontrollable and irreversible. In my opinion, rehabs don’t work majority of the time. Therefore, if it is not completely effective now it would not have been better back then. According to National Center For Policy Analysis, “There is little evidence that rehabilitation works." With that said in these modern times if the evidence of rehabilitation is slim, the question is can anyone imagine the world without prison sentence being a form of punishment (Reynolds, M. O. (n.d.). There would definitely be a victim justice system. Everyone would take matters in their own hand. The perfect example is the Trayvon Martin story. If there were no prison sentence as a punishment, Zimmerman would not have lived passed a trial. The prison system give some form of control to society and in most cases makes a person think twice before committing a criminal act.

According to the research, 67.5% of criminals that were released in 1994 were rearrested in three years after their release (Adam Goldfein. (n.d.). Also in 2007, 15.5% of the total parole population returned to incarceration. Research also shows that in 2007, 514,962 people left parole. Where 235,004 (45.6%) completed their parole agreeably. There was a total of 193,636 (37%) who returned to prison or jail, and of that total 136,222 were due to overturning of parole. In 2006, 35% of all state prison admissions were offenders that returned to incarceration because of...

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