The Prison System

Topics: Prison, Death Penalty, Criminal justice Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: November 2, 2010
The Prison System

The history of the prison system was basically functioned through principles that were commonly used in England in the early 1700’s and 1800’s. The prisons were so different in England because the prison facility was at one point dark, overcrowded and dirty. The prisoners were put all together with no separation of men, women nor the children. Who so had committed a crime was convicted of such. As the prison began to reconstruct in the 1800’s, most of the prison systems in England were properly fed, they received exercise daily, everyone was able to take a bath, receive education, there cell was sufficiently bedded, books were available for education in the prison library. Even though these prisoners were convicted it seemed that they was not to harsh on punishing there inmates than that of the American prison system. America prisons, however, used corporal punishment that went with out notice and the convicts were handed out death sentences during court arraignment if a crime that was committed was severe and needed an immediate indictment. While England on the other hand, had a court system that passed down lesser sentences. In fact, there were individuals that became disoriented and tried to fight against the death sentences for convicts, the torture the convicts was receiving as well as the mutilation that the personnel was issuing. This behavior was brought forward and was noticed and the law has been overturned in today’s history. Purpose:

The purpose of the American prison system is to try an protect society and keep all said victims safe and punish the criminals who has committed a crime that has terrorized neighborhoods for years. Today the prison system in America issues convicts punishment in confinement to try and rehabilitate them so that it will serve to them a general purpose in there every day way of living if ever released. The conception of the prison system is basically to hold convicts who have committed...
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