The Prince Charming Syndrome

Topics: Fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood, The Little Mermaid Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: October 7, 2007
Every girl is a target, being a victim is inevitable.

Generation after generation, the compelling power of Fairy Tales had placed an overpowering spell on young girls; swept them off to a fantasyland and held them captive ever since. Hidden behind an innocuous mask, fairytales perpetually enraptured and entranced young maidens of the world without relent. It only took the first ‘Once Upon a Time…' bedtime story to spellbind each little soul; casting them into a sanctuary of dreamworld fantasies.

I myself was once a fool for fairy tales. I followed Hans Christian Andersen into the fathoms of the ocean and swam with mermaids; climbed down a high tower along Rapunzel's hair; danced merrily with Snow White and the dwarfs, witnessed the miraculous metamorphosis of the Swan Princess and strolled into the woods with the Little Red Riding Hood. Fairytales had me helplessly mesmerized.

Naïve young girls like me planted complete faith and ingrained credulity in fairy tales. Unfailingly, every girl had fabricated childhood imaginations of a white knight on a fiery steed carrying her away to his shining castle. But as young earthlings begin their embarkment of the real world, their innocent childhood fantasies dangerously evolve into fatuous hopes of finding a perfect Prince and a happily-ever-after. In other words, they become victims of the ‘Prince Charming Syndrome'; hoodwinked by the utmost deadly trap of fairy tales – the ‘Prince Charming' illusion. The Prince Charming Syndrome is a spell for disaster essentially because it propels women to attempt to fit men into predetermined fantasy criteria and implausible standards.

A key factor in the fifty percent divorce rate of today's society attributes to women's high expectations of men. One of the current Seven Most Common Causes of divorce is ‘failed expectations or unmet needs'. Could it be that the Eves in today's world are driving away their Adams by raising the bar too high into the stratosphere? While...
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