The Pride of Being a Woman

Topics: Women's suffrage, Woman, Temperance movement Pages: 4 (1275 words) Published: January 22, 2012
The Pride of Being a Woman

Before WW1 in Canada, women were discriminated against, and were not considered being “persons.” However during the war while men were off fighting, women were given the opportunity to occupy many jobs, at which they found their sense of independence and pride. After WW1, women realized that they were just as strong as men and deserved to have equal right just as they did. Women decided to fight for their rights, and improve the roles of woman in Canada forever. For example, women moved away from being known as housewives, and joined the work force. Women struggled to be considered equal to men, however through the efforts of the suffrage movement, women earned the right to vote, decreased spousal abuse through prohibition, as well changed the working roles and professions of women. Women fought for the right to vote in order to have their voices and opinions heard, so that they would be regarded as “persons” and be able to make improvements in Canada. Disenfranchisement became unacceptable to women. From the year 1791 and for the next hundred years, men were the only ones allowed to vote, and hold political office However, this view changed in the midst of the 19th century, when women’s organizations began wanting improvements for the society’s needs and better working conditions for women working in factories. The suffrage movement began in the 1890’s in western Canada where one of the many organizations concerning suffrage was created, the Women’s Christian Temperance Union , which was one of the many organizations and suffrage groups that initiated meetings, presentations, and demonstrations , and also sent petitions to the government concerning the woman’s right to vote. The WCTU was an organization that empowered woman to voice their concerns to the government. In 1911, a woman named Nellie McClung made a difference in speeding up the process of getting women the right to vote by arriving in...
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