The Prestige Movie Critique

Topics: Citizen Kane, Flashback, Tell Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: January 16, 2007
The Prestige is a great movie and it has many similarities and differences to the movie Citizen Kane. The Prestige¡¯s starts up with an eye grabbing scene where a man is murdered after performing an ¡°electrifying¡± magic trick while another man watches him die. This is much like the beginning of Citizen Kane, where a man also dies, but not as exiting as in The Prestige. The beginning of Citizen Kane is more mysterious and dark, while The Prestige is very exiting and more used as an attention grabber.

Both Citizen Kane and The Prestige use flashback to tell the story. In The Prestige, Cutter tells most of the beginning stories of Robert and Alfred¡¯s life as magicians to the judge in flashback, while the later flashbacks are Robert and Alfred reading each other¡¯s diaries. Such as when Alfred laying in his bed reading what Robert had wrote to him. Another way of telling a story in flashback in The Prestige is in the end where Robert and Alfred told each other about their secret magic trick. In Citizen Kane, the film only used one way of telling a story in flashback, the telling of a story by a person describing someone else¡¯s life.

In the end, both movies reveal the mysteries in the movies. In The Prestige, it reveals Robert and Alfred¡¯s secrets as well as how Robert faked his death. In Citizen Kane, it reveals what ¡°rosebud¡± is. Both movies also teach moral lessens. In Citizen Kane, it teaches about enjoying childhood and never losing childhood innocence. In The Prestige, it teaches about forgiveness and never seeking revenge.

The Prestige is a great movie. It is very suspenseful and has a very well written storyline, and I like about how the movie never revealed if Alfred did kill Robert¡¯s wife on purpose or not. By doing this, it did not let the audience have emotional attractions toward any of the characters, so in the end it would not disappoint any audience for the characters¡¯ death.
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