The Pregnant Place Kicker: An Analysis

Topics: American football, High school football, High school Pages: 1 (617 words) Published: October 29, 2014

The Pregnant Place Kicker
In chapter five, a case regarding a pregnant female high school football player is brought into the light of the media, specifically in South Platte. The citizens of the town are very involved and big fans of the Jefferson High Panthers football team. Judith, a female athlete, joins the high school football team as the kicker. At first, this drew a lot of questions if they should let her play because she was in fact a girl playing in a male dominated sport. They soon realized she was a phenomenal kicker and as time went on, she was the best in the league. During her second year on the team she had to unexpectedly leave because she got pregnant. This of course was not broadcasted by the coach to the community or school since she was only 16 and they wanted to protect her privacy. A highly known reporter caught wind of the news and was put into a position if he should run a story as to why Judith had to quit the team when she was in the running for all-state honors as a kicker. The reporter was conflicted whether or not the news was valuable or not because he felt the town would want to know why a star kicker was not going to be playing anymore and they would eventually find out. The question is if a 16 year-old gets pregnant, is it newsworthy? In my opinion I think in any situation no matter if you're an athlete or not, if a 16 year-old gets pregnant it should not be broadcasted in the news and is not deemed as news worthy. She is not even considered an adult yet and her privacy should be very well protected. A story about a minor being pregnant is just gossip. Also being a 16 year-old and being pregnant is already a huge responsibility. On top of that, you have to deal with everyone finding out about you being pregnant and all the gossip that comes along, is another hassle she will have to deal with. The reporter then tries to determine if it is newsworthy because of her status on the football team. Since Judith is only in high...
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