The Power Struggle of Napoleon

Topics: Animal Farm, The Animals, English-language films Pages: 3 (938 words) Published: October 9, 2006
The Power Struggle of Napoleon
Napoleon uses the ignorance of the other animals to his advantage during his rise to power. The other animals are not smart like Napoleon, so they cannot make decisions regarding the running of the farm after it is taken over. Napoleon takes full control of the farm and gains more and more power every day. He ensures this power by making sure that no one gets in his way. In Animal Farm, a story by George Orwell, Napoleon is able to take control of the farm and rise to power because he is able to manipulate the other animals. Napoleon makes sure that no one opposes him or his ideas during his rise to power; if they do oppose him, he uses any means necessary to remove them. Snowball's ideas about building the windmill are different from Napoleon's. Napoleon realizes that if Snowball's opposition continues he will never be able to take complete control of the farm. Since he needs to get Snowball out of the way, Napoleon tells the animals that Snowball is causing all of the problems that the farm is having. By doing this, he is able to unite them all against a common enemy and trick them into believing things that are not true. Also, Jessie's puppies are taken away from her and used as a private security force for Napoleon. He takes them so he can train them and educate them so that if anything ever comes between him and power, the trained dogs will be there to remove the obstacle and let Napoleon continue to gain power without opposition. Another time Napoleon removes those who get in his way is when he massacres all of the animals suspected of being involved in Snowball's plot to bring down Animal Farm. Napoleon is a bad power-hungry ruler who will not let anything get in his way during his rise to power. Napoleon and his close comrades blind the other animal with a swirling wall of propaganda. Squealer, Napoleon's close comrade and propagator, tells the other animals a lot of false things about the pigs. When asked why the pigs...
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