The Power of Six Sigma.. Reaction Paper

Topics: Problem solving, Six Sigma, Better Pages: 5 (1537 words) Published: December 15, 2012
1. Make a list of facts you learned from the book
* Six sigma is focused on eliminating mistakes, errors and wastes * Six sigma is very effective if everyone in the company is involved * You must have a numerical goal
* Six sigma is not just improving quality, it also includes making every customers happy which also increases the profit * You should also help your workers in doing their jobs, don’t just motivate them * You should also focus on the process, not only on end products in solving problems to avoid wastes * You should also consult the customers to know what are their demands/opinions about the product * Focus on problems that can be solved and choose those problems that is giving the most trouble * Problems might occur on different departments

* A happy person tells 3 people, while unhappy person tells 20 people * You should give everyone a specific job and also give them rewards, recognition, promotion and bonuses to motivate your employees even more * Sigma or standard deviation is the measure used to determine how good or bad the performance of a process is * Six sigma gives employees specific roles and tasks

* At a six sigma process you only produces a 3.4 defects per million * The top management must provide funding and inspiration to the organization regarding the six sigma * There are 5 steps of six sigma

1. Define the problem
2. Measure the current situation and your goal
3. Analyze all data collected
4. Improve situation
5. Control the job

2. What was the problem in the book and how it was solved? * There are two problems that occurred in the book, first was burnt pizzas and second is botched delivery. 1. Burnt Pizza
* Cause: The juggling of the pizzas that are inside the oven causes longer time in making pizzas and the chefs might be harmed if they frequently do this and will cause the chefs to take their rest. Opening the oven frequently to put new pizza causes the temperature to drop and will not meet the required temperature for pizza; this makes the making of pizza longer than usual.

* Solution: They designed a conveyor-belt oven to make a perfect pizza at a certain time which eliminates burnt pizza. This also avoid of getting the chefs harmed when juggling the pizzas.

2. Botched Delivery
* Cause: They did not get the right directions the customer told them. So the result is either they delivered the wrong pizza or delivered the pizza to the wrong address, which results to unsatisfactory of the customers of American Pizza.

* Solution: Installing computers for the receptionist to record the important details of the customer’s name, address, directions, and order. They also installed phones in each delivery cars so that if a problem occurs, the driver may easily contact the store or the customer to fix the problem.

3. What were the author’s purposes in writing this book? * The purpose of the author was to introduce and explain the effects of six sigma in an organization and to encourage each organization to apply the six sigma philosophy in their improving the quality of their company. This book greatly helps the incoming managers and incoming strategists to easily understand the use and the effect of six sigma philosophy in their own organizations. The author also intends to give information of what six sigma philosophy can really do in an organization if it is applied.

4. What did the title have to do with the book?
* The contents of the book come from the title itself, “Power of Six Sigma”. This book shows the usefulness of the six sigma philosophy in every organization, it also shows that by using the six sigma philosophy, a company may easily achieve their goals and be the one on top in the business industries. The title says that six sigma has the...
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