The Power of Persuasion

Topics: Persuasion, Robert Cialdini, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: May 3, 2011
Power of Persuasion
In the video Power of Persuasion psychologist Dr. Robert Cialdini reveals his six principles that can persuade people. When used correctly these principles can be very beneficial in multiple aspects of interaction, especially writing for school or work.

Dr. Cialdini’s six principles can be very effective when trying to persuade people to help ones cause. The first principle is reciprocation, which refers to the human desire to return favors. In writing the best way to use this is to show respect for the audiences ideas, and to compromise and meet them halfway. Next is Scarcity, which refers to the fear of losing what one has. A good writer will use this by focusing on what the audience has to lose instead of using what they have to gain to persuade them. It is human nature to say “If I can’t have it, I want it.” Dr. Cialdini’s third principle is Authority. Most people believe “If an expert says it, it must be true.” Using this idea in writing means to include credible sources and have an academic tone. People are much easier persuaded when they know that the information they read is factual.

To help persuade people one needs to make a Commitment. This refers to the idea that the audience will probably go along with something if it already follows their priorities, values, or beliefs. An effective writer will prove that there is a connection between what the reader is already doing and what they are being asked to do. Using Consensus, which is the idea that the position being argued is “normal,” will help readers agree with the writer. People want to know that their ideas or values are accepted and correct. Liking is the last principle Dr. Cialdini talks about. This principle refers to the ability to make the writer seem like “one of them.” A good persuasive writer will make the audience feel like they are equal. Like they have the same goals, ideas, and that they will work together to get done what is needed.

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