The Power of Friendship

Topics: Abuse, Bullying Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Kayla Bush
English 102 540
S. Johnson
April 7, 2013
The Power
The three main characters in Hunters in the Snow have similarities and differences. There was the bully, Kenny, the follower, Frank, and the abused, Tub. They all change roles in the story towards the end. When Frank became the bully, Tub was the follower, and Kenny was abused. They all struggle over the power of friendship, which can be very dangerous.

Kenny was the bully at first; he starts off by bullying Tub, because he is overweight. Kenny says to Tub, “All I can say is, it’s the first diet I ever heard of where you gained weight form it” (88). Kenny also tries to run over Tub with his truck, but toward the end of the story Kenny becomes bullied by Frank and Tub. Tub ends up shooting Kenny, and instead of Frank and Tub rushing him to the hospital, they take their time. Also on the way to the hospital they stop to warm up quite often. Kenny and Frank are alike because they both are mean and bully Tub. Kenny and Tub are alike because they both bullied each other with the help of Frank.

Frank was a follower and a bully, because when Kenny bullied Tub, he would help. Then he bullied Kenny, with Tub’s help. When Tub told Frank about how he used to have his back and Frank replies, “You’re a grown-up, Tub. You can take care of yourself’,” (90). This shows how Frank is not a real friend, and he just doesn’t want to make Kenny mad, at the time, but when Frank and Tub become close again, he encourages Tub to endue in pancakes and tells him about his affair with the babysitter. Frank and Kenny are different because Frank turned on Kenny, and Frank bullied him. Frank and Tub were alike because they both helped another person bully, and they bond over there weaknesses.

Tub was being abused in the being of the story, but towards the end he starts to help bully Kenny. In the beginning, Tub didn’t say much in less he was defending his weight. After he shot Kenny, that was when the roles change, and...
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