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What makes that difference between you and Bill Gates???
What made difference between Mark Zukerberg and his friends??? Think for a while…
Do you got it???
Its not their ability to do things,but its their dare to dreams and their commitment to achieve their dreams.Most of the people in the world are doing things blindly and they don’t even know the purpose of their living,infact most of them don’t know what they even want. But all these guys are not lagging in their ability,they are having the same ability what Bill Gates has and what Mark Zukerberg has,but these they don’t realize their ability because they don’t have BIG DREAMS.Yes,its true…they don’t have big dreams.But they wont agree to this infact they’ll be messed up between a dream and a wish. Most of the people who are living ordinarily,who are compromising in their lives think that having a job,wife and children is their dream.But its not the truth.It happens even if they don’t strive that hard to achieve it,because it’s a natural process where everybody will be doing the same thing and people who ever are trapped in this common chain or loop will not be recognized to the world because they are the one who reads the history of the others rather than creating the history. I really pity these guys not in the fact they cant do anything great but in the fact they don’t realize their unlimited potential to become great. And here is a fact saying that 90% of the successful and millionaires in the world are self made i.e., they are made from scratch.There are people who strived very hard.Take the case of Ambani who used in work in a petrol bunk when he was 18,but by 27 he proved to the world who he is.Steve Jobs,who started apple in a small garage made it the worlds No.1 company in gadgets.They haven’t done anything great,they just realized their potential,dreamt of doing great and kept their constant efforts and they finally succeeded and that is what happened with everyone who...
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