The Power of Communication

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The movie “EK RUKA HUA FAISLA” is all about “the power of communication” in which a person is punished for killing his own father. Judgement is already given by JUDGE but now it’s dependent on 12 advocates, by analysing, whether he is murderer or not?

In a movie only one person is against the JUDGEMENT, but at the end of movie he makes all other people against the JUDGEMENT by his “the power of communication”.
The all 12 advocates have to analyse the evidence given in court. If they found any changes and get together and decide that the person is not a murderer than only he can be survived otherwise he will be hang till the dead.

In their decision they must have to be together, if any of them will go against the JUDGMENT, the judgement is not accepted.

Why Communication Needed?
• To express our emotions
• Achieve joint understanding
• To get things done
• Pass on and obtain information
• Reach decisions
• Develop relationships
Truths about Communication…
• Good Communication can’t exist without honest listening • We do not try HARD to get our message across
• We do not take advantage of various media available to us • We all could improve our communication skills
• It cannot be perfected

The Power of Communication|
Marketing communications are all about the internal and external communications between your business and everyone else, such as trade, media or consumer.  It encompasses all the traditional forms of promotion including advertising, sponsorship, public relations (PR) and direct marketing along with the opportunities to build and maintain relationships with stakeholders. The Big Picture - Choosing a Partner!

There are many communication avenues to choose from; however there can be no merit in any of these unless the following points are considered before embarking on a specific project or campaign: * Overall Aim - what do you want to achieve for your wine brand, what is your ultimate goal? (this could include local, national, or international campaigns) * Budget - what available funds do you have to expend on achieving this goal? Set the minimum and maximum amount you are prepared/able to spend over a certain period of time i.e. per year for five years etc. * Target Audience - do you have a set idea of who your target audience is/should be? * Relevant Partner - picking the right advertising or PR agency, direct marketing company or partner brand to sponsor, is vital. Comprehensive research, asking around your field, choosing an agency with proven results, all pay off in making this choice. Inappropriate matches between your product and an agency can be a complete waste of funds and end in acrimony. A shortlist should be drawn up after establishing the above three points. * Brief - their work is only as good as your brief. Be clear be concise, if you can't articulate what your brand is and where you want it to go they won't be able to create the campaign that pleases you and achieves your goal . Change the Channel?

Once you have a clear objective, target audience and budget set out and you have chosen your partner and detailed brief, you are then ready to select your chosen communication channel.  Below is a brief generalisation of four channels and appropriate scenarios for their use; * Advertising - TV, internet, newspapers, magazines, radio can be horrifyingly expensive. Only for those with substantial funds and wide distribution. * PR - can be very effective for a relatively low cost especially if you employ your own in-house PR/Communications person who lives and breathes your brand and can react quickly in communicating your news effectively. * Sponsorship - can cost no more than a few cases of wine to sponsor a local film festival in exchange for a mailing list of 5000, to spending millions on sponsoring the Ashes. Contacts are key and assessing the best sponsorship tie up and relative synergy for your brand....
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