The Powder Puff Derby

Topics: Margaret Thatcher, Drag queen, Iron Lady Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: May 4, 2013
“Believe me Bob, these days gentlemen are an endangered species. Unlike bloody Drag Queens who just keep breeding like rabbits”
~ Bernadette, Priscilla Queen of the Desert

The Stiletto. Nowadays it is not uncommon to find the average adult male attempting to stuff a festering foot into his favourite pair of Christian Louboutins; nor is it uncommon to find that your husband has cast away his razor for a cherished set of GHD’s. Or perhaps you are one of the auspicious few who have retained the dignity of your fuzz covered spouse. Drag queens are infamous for their adulation of all things glitz and glam, but surely the “strapping young lads” of today should be indulging themselves in something far more masculine than contributing to the 26 million high heels sold in America each year. After all – Lip gloss is for life, not just for Christmas. You need only to observe George Mason University, Virginia, to see the impact Drag is having on the world. In 2009, Ryan Allen was empowered by his fellow students when he was awarded the “privilege” of being coroneted homecoming queen. A quick glance at the votes (Of which he had 87%) suggests that he was indeed the “teenagers’ choice”, because how insipid would it have been to pick a woman? The promotion of gay rights and the enthusiastic nature of the “techno generation” have certainly assisted in giving rise to the female impersonator; rather than having her scuttle away into some hidden corner of America. The idea of cross-dressing is not a new concept, one need merely to look back to the Norsemen of the 8th Century, where Odin - the ruler of Asgard - dressed as a female healer to aid his attempts in seducing Rindr. Or look to the 1996 “Romeo + Juliet”, where we can see the “Bard of Avon’s” Mercutio slip into a pair of nylon stockings and don Dolly Parton’s blonde mane. Monty Python is another famous example of “gender bending”, albeit more tetchy hag than a serene Queen in many cases. Nonetheless, the traditional...
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