The possibility of life on other plant

Topics: Extraterrestrial life, Life, Mars Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: January 23, 2014
The possibility of life on other plant

For centuries, people have been trying to figure out whether there are planets in the galaxy that could support life. NASA’s research gives us a positive answer to this question. However, from my perspective, it is hard to believe that there are other planets in the galaxy that could support life based on the evidence, which the researchers have because there is no strong and crystal clear evidence to conclude whether the planets are truly Earth-like and whether these planets could support life. There is no evidence to support that the 104 planets are Earth-like. Careful examination is needed before we can come to the conclusion that these observed planets are Earth-like. There are several characteristics that show Earth differs from the other planets in the galaxy. If just some parts of the characteristics of the planets are like Earth, we cannot say that these planets are exactly Earth-like. For example, one of the planets may have air, water and fire, but this planets can not support life; then we can not say this planet is Earth-like. Even though we can find a planet, which is truly Earth-like, we do not have strong evidence to conclude that this planet can support life. In science, scientists need to do lots of research before coming to a conclusion. Thus, scientists have to collect more data about the Earth-like planet, like its size, temperature, and time of existence. What is more, maybe scientists should put some living creatures on that planet and observe whether the creatures can survive or not. It will take a long time to get enough data to support the conclusion. Finding a planet, which can support life is great news. However, scientists still need to do a lot of research before we can conclude that people can survive on another planet. This procedure needs patience and technology. From the depth of my heart, I believe we will know more about whether extraterrestrial life exists as time goes by.
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