The Positive Role of Religion in Life of Pi

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Mihaela Sarbu
July 16, 2013

The Positive Role of Religion in Life of Pi

Religion is important to many people and it can play a large role in a person’s life. It can affect and shape one’s personality and morals, provide support and help through difficult times, and allow one to find peace and comfort. It is a major theme in Life of Pi by Yann Martel, as it is the basis of the Piscine Patel’s character. Religion plays a great positive role throughout Pi Patel’s life: it shapes his personality as a young man, it helps him survive at sea, and it gives him the strength to move on and become a successful adult.

Firstly, Pi’s religious devotion shapes his personality as a young man by allowing him to be non-judgemental, open-minded, as well as intelligent, and kind. While being devotedly faithful to three religions, Pi is surprisingly acceptant and understanding of atheists. Pi understands that “atheists are [his] brothers and sisters of different faiths” (Martel 31). He respects and understands atheists, despite being religious, which shows how well religion has shaped him. It makes Pi an open-minded, understanding young man, who respects other religions, as well as atheism, which is important because it gives him good morals. He is very open-minded and interested in different religions, especially since he believes in three. As he grows up, Pi discovers and devotes himself to three religions: Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. He is introduced to Islam last and his love for it is evident when he states, “I challenge anyone to understand Islam, its spirit, and not love it. It is a beautiful religion of brotherhood and devotion” (Martel 67). Each new religion he discovers teaches him to love more and understand more. His religions add a more diverse and deep meaning to life for him. They help his character develop into an open-minded, compassionate young man with good morals. Aside from being open-minded and understanding, Pi is smart, intelligent, and kind....
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