The Poor

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The Poor
Poverty is everywhere in the world. Not everyone knows that there are people that are poor right in their own back yard. The new Pope Francis is very big on helping the poor he has gave a lot of speeches about the subject. In the world there is around 1.29 billion people living in poverty, in the U.S.A there is around 46.5 million homeless, and around 6% of the people that live in Sidney Ohio are unemployed.

To end poverty in the world would be great. It would take the whole world to come together to fight it. Countries try to end their poverty by creating jobs. Unfortunately that just doesn't seem to work as good as it once did but things are beginning to improve. The rate of people that are poor is going down and with the new pope I believe that he can get the nations to come together and help the those who need it the most. If the world could only see that putting their differences aside would achieve something great, a world that is no longer starving, cold, or thirsty. This would be the most amazing thing that the world has ever seen making so many peoples' lives better and allowing them a chance at life.

In America, I believe that the government is trying to help the poor, but not as hard as they could. They could establish more programs for the needy and fund food banks, and supply blankets and other clothing to help out. Then they can establish the jobs that are needed so badly by so many people. This country was founded on three basic principals; Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. You can do all of this without money. Many people need the money to live so that they can have their chance to be great, and to be something that they always dreamed about. The only thing standing in their way is their misfortune. Approximately 76% of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck, barley scrapping by. If only our government would stop blaming everything on each other and focus on a real goal that would help the poor get...
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