The Pomegranate Seeds Analysis

Topics: Family, Woman, Love, Marriage, Gender, Short story / Pages: 3 (570 words) / Published: Jun 10th, 2016
In the story “The Pomegranate seeds”, the author describes the young lady to be a young gorgeous mature woman with horrific physical assets. Proserpina, the young lady, feels as though she is alienated. In both line nine and ten, it seems like she feels alienated from oneself. Although she was very gorgeous, her attitude displayed that she was a little too care free and very much too innocent. Due to Proserpina’s care free attitude and disobedience to her mother’s request, wondering off into the forest, she was abducted by a man with a group of four black horses.
After being taking away Proserpina threatened that under any circumstance she will deny any food or drinks presented to her by Pluto or anyone in his dominion. In the passing of six months, Proserpina bit into a fruit without knowing, but Pluto decided to send her back home to her mother due to the lack not eating for the last six months in his castle and/or dominion. My version of this story will be told in first person using the words both “I” and “You”.
My narrative Story
In my story, Proserpina mother is perfecting and/or tending to her crops in which she has grown. While tending to her crops, Proserpina, her daughter, asked to visit a
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The serpent was then sent out to find fruit and returned with one. Without intention she bites into the fruit unknowingly, then the gates of the castle opened. In the midst of all of this Ceres is out looking for her daughter, which makes her neglects her crops and animals. Her crops were dying and her animals was going without food. Although, her animals followed her. They were very weak and of hunger. Ceres decided to stop doing anything until she found her missing daughter. When the gates of the castle opened, Pluto came out and decided to send Proserpina back to Ceres, her mother, due to the lack of her not eating for a consecutive six

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