The politically neutral public servant

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The politically neutral public servant
Defining the duty
The concept of political neutrality ¬ the ethic of neutrality (but narrower than) The ethic of neutrality requires public servants be neutral in both partisan sense and the broader sense of leaving as many value choices as possible be elected officials Public servants are unavoidably involved in selecting and reconciling values in the course of giving advice and implementing policy, which make value neutrality is a function The political neutrality = non- partisan behavior by permanent, professional public servants the political neutrality is not a fiction

experience > not value ()
model of neutrality
Ideal- type
Outline the requirements for relations between politicians and bureaucrats that exist in the truly neutral public service in a Westminster- style government. And the six principles
Some comments of this model
1. The various tents of the convention are interconnected, with the result that a change in one of them are likely to affect one or more of the others (e.g. political partisanship and anonymity) 2. Political neutrality in the extreme form has never existed in any government 3. The current practice of government (in Canada) is significantly different from what the model require {it is not practical} The duty to be political neutrality in this model

Can broke down into such more specific duties (e.g. appoint and promote only on the basis of merit ; be non- partisan; be loyal) But it is differ from one government to anther (e.g. P.57, Alberta and ontario)and even within a single government (e.g. P.57) because there is unclear to precisely what political activities are permissible. The Westminster model

A strong tradition of political neutrality in the municipal sphere of government where municipal employees Others believe that existing rules and traditions are too restrictive (undue emphasis on political neutrality suppresses individual rights) Many interpretations of the duty to be political neutrality are outdated and unrealistic because the changing in the relationship of politicians, public servants and the public) The debate over duty to be political neutrality should mean – reflect the fact that there are persuasive arguments for and against political neutrality and this is linked to 1) preserving political neutrality in roughly its existing form, 2) intimate links with constitutional convention of ministerial responsibility and public servants anonymity, 3) the importance in public service appointments and promotions according to merit 4) in fostering fair and impartial service to the public

The Meritorious public servant
The introduction of political
UK – placing friends in official
US – spoils system
Canada – under UK colonial government with the influence of US; however, it is still a large number of patronage appointments continued to be made because many public service positions were exempted from statutory prohibition Other reasons

1. Report to the press – many instances or allegations appointments need. But not so much the number of appointments but the level and type of government posts that are filled by this means. (the number of appointments at the lower levels of the public servants > the senior levels) (e.g. most full time and permanent positions are filled through a merit system; the seasonal and temporary jobs are not) 2. Influence on the content and administration of public policy – the senior public servants are not important but the public and public servants become more nervous in patronage appointments in senior positions. Most government have to tended to restrict patronage appointments to the boards and senior management of crown agencies 3. The restrictions on partisan political activities is to avoid a resurgence of patronage - continuing concern the career prospects of public servants will affect by joined high profile partisan activities that merit cannot eliminate the covert application of partisan...
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