The Polaris Cafe

Topics: Marketing, Tapas, Market segmentation Pages: 4 (1583 words) Published: November 10, 2008
Marketing Case Analysis of

“The Polaris Café”

The case presented involves the Polaris Cafe’ located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The Polaris Café was founded by four partners: Ben Reynolds, responsible for marketing and public relations; Kyle Roman, the overall manager; Sid Carter, responsible for the financial management, potential investors, and obtaining bank loans; and Dominick Trioli, responsible for payroll and purchasing. New Brunswick is a college town, home to Rutgers University and several large corporations, such as Johnson & Johnson. The partners have chosen to sign a long-term lease in a newly constructed building that will house retail space on the first floor and the remaining floors will house additional office spaces for Johnson & Johnson. The theatre district is located near the building and there are future plans to build a convention center, mall, movie theatres, and four blocks of modernized brownstones. The Polaris Cafe’ has identified two demographic market segments they would like to serve. The first segment is composed of the older undergraduate students and the graduate students; the second segment is composed of upscale professionals. The restaurant achieves this by dividing the floor space into two distinct areas. The first area is a tapas bar; this area serves tapas food and offers beer and wine, by the bottle or glass. The tapas bar is composed of 1200 square feet located inside the restaurant, with an additional 400 square feet that will be added on in the summer months. The total space that will be allocated to the tapas bar is 1600 square feet and it is capable of accommodating up to 140 people. The tapas bar will feature tapas priced from $4 to $9 each, which would equate to roughly $10 each if they included wine and/or beer with their meal. This area is being targeted for the older undergraduate students and the graduate students, as evidenced by the prices and décor of the area. The second area is a fine...
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