The Poetry of Whitman, Blake, and Ginsberg

Topics: Allen Ginsberg, Poetry, Walt Whitman Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: November 8, 2005
Allen Ginsberg, William Blake, and Walt Whitman were three poets who greatly impacted the poetry world. All the poets used poetry as a way to express their feelings with different situations from the society to relationships. The poets made a lasting impact throughout their "reign" and their names are still recognizable to this day.

The poems of Ginsberg, Blake, and Whitman have many similarities amongst themselves. All their poems demonstrate powerful emotions depending on the subject. Some subjects they commonly have written about were America, relationships in families, wars, politics, life and death. In my opinion, Blake and Whitman greatly influenced Ginsberg. Like the others, the foundation of Ginsberg's work was the notion that one's individual thoughts and experiences resonated among the masses. Also like the others, Ginsberg took pride in America. He was kind of like the American symbol. He voiced his opinions like about democracy through his poetry.

The three poets were poets who weren't critics on society but urged the reader to take action, in my opinion. Their poems urged people to and drive to be different. Their poems also urged people to look at the bigger picture in life and to follow their desires. I feel that poets do have an obligation to their reader because the reader is in their world now. Whenever a person reads someone else's work, they are viewing their opinion and have reason to agree or disagree. The poet has an obligation to not mislead the reader but to encourage the reader to accept their subject.

If not for Allen Ginsberg, William Blake, and Walt Whitman the world of poetry would not be the same. Their opinions on many issues were descriptively described in their numerous poems. These poets were very versatile in their works and have greatly influenced others, including everyday readers.
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