The Plymouth Agreement

Topics: Law, Common law, Plymouth Colony Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: December 13, 2010
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Plymouth Agreement

The Plymouth Agreement appears as a Organic Act document resembling a pseudo preamble. The very first statement in the document contains a legal oath made between residents “ We, the associates of New-Plymouth”that found a people”(19) “Coming hither as freeborn” defines who they are as legal freeman who sworn an oath. “it creates a citizen with political rights and duties”(Lutz15) “subjects of the State of England” claims loyalty to there colonial charter sponsor England. The formation of government is stated clearly in “endowed with all and singular the privileges belonging to such being assembled;”(19) Enables a power base of government through contributors in the Assembly or Court .Generally when using the the terms they are usually connected with legal and religious oaths “doe ordaine Constitute and enact”(19) are seem to empower the assembly to be the ruling representative power“that noe act imposition law or ordinance be made or imposed upon us at present, or to come”(19) This statement shows contempt for any other power to reign supreme over assembly other then the England thus claiming a viable sovereignty. The people of Plymouth show a willingness to be governed over by a body of their peers through means of assembly using English common law “consent of the body of associates or their representatives legally assembled; which is according to the free liberties of England.”(19) The last statement recognizes England as the legitimate power and the”body of associates” as the standing power. When contrasting The Mayflower Compact with the Plymouth Agreement the first very important difference is a complete omission element of religious covenant in Plymouth agreement comparatively. Seemingly as if the religious covenant IE..Mayflower Compact evolved into a legal covenant IE.. Plymouth Agreement. Second the actual signing of the Mayflower compact is to bind each freeborn citizen in public sight....
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