The Plural Executive And Bureaucracy In

Topics: Public utility, Texas, U.S. state Pages: 1 (270 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Bilal Sajid
Professor Aundra Hawkins
GOVT 2306-47
The Plural Executive and Bureaucracy in Texas
The executive branch consists of six-state wide elected offices. Texas traditionally followed the plural executive system, which means that the general public votes six of the main executive branch officials in. The main advantage of this system is that every office holder is accountable for himself. They don’t have to answer to for each other or to each other but instead they are held responsible for their action, directly by the public. It puts the responsibly right on their shoulders. It also makes the voter more independent, as they cast separate vote for every office. Governor’s office, being the most talked about, is simply one of the six elected offices of executive branch. Second comes the lieutenant governor’s office. Lieutenant governor is considered the most powerful elected official in state of Texas. Other members of the executive branch are attorney general, the comptroller of public accounts, the commissioner of agriculture and the commissioner of general land office.

Now that we summarized through the first six offices of executive branch, let’s take a look at the one that are not elected but instead are appointed by the governor. The first and the most important one is the Secretary of the state, unlike many other American states Texas governor appoints the Secretary of state and members of several boards and commissions. Education, criminal justice, transportation and regulation are some of the very critical tasks carried out by these boards and commissions. Among the commissions are Texas Department of Transportation and the Public Utility Commission.
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