The Plea for the Chimpanzees

Topics: Jane Goodall, Chimpanzee, Human Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: December 12, 2010
The Plea for the Chimpanzees
In the story “The Plea for the Chimpanzees” by Jane Goodall, Jane writes of a personal experience on her visit to a testing center where they use various primates to test products, one being chimpanzees. She was very upset with what she had seen during her visit. Chimpanzees were being treated horribly during and after being tested. Their living conditions were not what she would have thought them to be. They were quite worse. They had very little a social life with other chimpanzees or even humans. I think if we are going to use chimps to test products or inject them with our major diseases, then the least we can do is give back a little bit of freedom to run and play in a closed, safe environment and offer some compassion and love to these animals who are helping us find cures for the serious diseases we are fighting every day. It is proven that if the chimpanzees were in the presence of trusted caregivers, who are understanding of animal behavior, and dedicated, they would react to treatments without being uncomfortable. “At the Stanford Primate Center in California, a number of chimpanzees were taught to extend their arms for the drawing of blood. In return they were given a food reward.” (Page 369) We should provide loving and carrying staff to the chimpanzees. If the staff were more caring, then it will make their job so much better and easier to test the chimps. If the tested Chimpanzees were introduced to loving caregiver to interact with or even a chimp who was injected with the same disease, it would help with the major problem of chimpanzees going insane by isolation. “A youngster, for example, can be treated when in the presence of a trusted human friend. Experiments have shown that young chimps react with high levels of distress if subjected to mild electric shocks when alone, but show almost no fear or pain when held by a sympathetic caretaker.” (Page 369) Along with caring staff, the chimps should be given the...
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