The Playing Field For Preschool Education By John Kenneth Galbraith

Pages: 6 (1279 words) Published: March 9, 2018

For some, sending their children to preschool may be a choice – for those in poverty, it can be an instrumental tactic for a future beyond poverty’s grasp. In an essay by economist John Kenneth Galbraith, approaches to combat poverty are considered. Galbraith’s suggestions seem to be more opinion than fact though at least someone is trying to do something. A feat all of us Americans should be taking on. One of his ideas is to level the playing field when it comes to education, more specifically – providing better preschool education programs and facilities. Galbraith believes by starting with the youngest of the generations in poverty the potential for success is most beneficial to sever the ties of poverty that bind. Galbraith states, “The effect of education and related investment in individuals is to help them overcome the restraints that are imposed by their environment.” Even without much specificity the idea seems sound, but how can this help? With early childhood education comes greater cognitive skills and improved vocabulary, children learn a greater sense of purpose,...

The NAEYC works to ensure the best person for the job are teaching our children. They work with professionals in the classroom to ensure the best quality curriculum for success. To help in the home, they provide parents with resources, tips, and ideas such as articles on child development, standards to look for when choosing a preschool, and overall advice on how to be engaged with your child’s learning. On the policy making front, NAEYC works on the community, state, and federal level to advocate for policy reform and implementation with the moto “Build Your Knowledge, Stay Updated, and Take Action!” A stance I hope resonates with us all beyond this paper. The NAEYC is just one of many organizations fighting for equal and quality early childhood...
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