The Player

Topics: Negotiation / Pages: 10 (2366 words) / Published: Mar 15th, 2013
Joshua Stark
In-Class Negotiation
The Player
“The Player” was a negotiation between the newly appointed Vice-President of National Artists Productions (NA) and a successful Hollywood director. This negotiation could have resulted in the first major motion picture deal that the producer would have worked on after his promotion to VP. In this negotiation I played the role of the Vice-President. My goal was to reach what I felt was the most satisfactory agreement possible with the Director. There were 11 issues to negotiate, and each had points associated with them to show the importance of each issue. The 11 issues included the following: director’s base salary, pre-production budget, post production schedule, director’s bonus percentage, child star, male and female lead, location, personal budget, production designer, and editorial control.
My first planning step, with “The Player” negotiation, was to set a goal and a desired outcome for the negotiation. I assessed the importance of both the substantive and relational outcome. I realized that I wanted this to be a win-win situation. The importance of staying in budget with the film was just as important as the continuing relationship that I would have with the director; thus, I was aiming for the overall negotiation to be collaborative. My goal in the negotiation was to come to an agreement on all 11 issues described above, within my resistance point of 4,000 points. My next planning step was to gather the facts. I created an excel file (see below) to help me have a quick point of reference during the negotiation process. I color coded my target choices with yellow and my resistance point with red. The spreadsheet helped me analyze where I stood on my overall negotiation outcome in real time. My resistance point (total points) was 4,000. Creating the excel file helped me with the negotiation, by assisting with the changing values when multiple issues were being

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