The Play: Don Giovanni

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Rape, Don Giovanni Pages: 2 (867 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Mr. Warren

Don Giovanni
After watching the Don Giovanni play ill conclude that Don Giovanni is not guilty in the rape of Donna Anna. She accused him of the rape, but there is no full evidence that she got raped. She apparently said that she got raped after the fact her dad was killed. Just because he killed The Commendatore doesn’t mean that he is guilty of the rape. The first piece of evidence disputing the rape claim is that Donna Anna simply needs an alibi because she is scared she will lose her husband because she was seduced by another man. Don Giovanni has a long history of getting with a ton of different women with relative ease. Donna Anna has some sketchy stories in her initial story about the assault. The initial incident that took place was not seen by anybody at all. Donna Anna also has a fiancé, and had she been caught up in a cheating scandal her lift might be ruined. The evidence supports a reasonable doubt that could be determined by the story and ways of Don Giovanni. The second piece of evidence disproving Donna Anna’s claim of the rape by Don Giovanna is the town’s bias towards Don Giovanni. He has a personality that people are not very fond of. For example, hooking up with a lot of girls and treating him the way he does. People will assume that Don Giovanni is really guilty before looking at the facts. Knowing this, Don Giovanni is not guilty just because of what people think of him. Don Giovanni is not guilty of rape just because of the person he carries himself with.

More evidence that supports Don Giovanni being innocent is the fact that the servants weren’t around when the assault happened but all the sudden appeared after the murder of Donna Anna’s father. If Donna Anna was being raped, why wasn’t she screaming and fighting during the assault by Don Giovanni. If she was screaming during the rape, the servants would have come and helped her. The servants are a key piece of evidence in proving the innocence of Don Giovanni....
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