The Planet Has No Plan B

Topics: Climate change, Global warming, Ozone depletion Pages: 7 (2024 words) Published: December 25, 2012
The planet has no Plan-B for climate change


Climate change is arguably the most discussed and talked about term from the fag-end of the 20th century till today. Since the initial knowledge on climate change was acquired in 1950s and since the first conference on climate change was held in 1979, numerous treaties and frameworks have been devised to curb and bring down emissions that cause the climate change. After several decades, in 2011, we have realised the bitter truth that all these have only been adornments to a half-spoilt cake.

The countries are in no doubt fully aware of the impending danger and are still not ready to take whole-hearted measures. As an individual and as a nation, by policy and by implementation nothing less than a war-time action plan is in dire need.

Climate change as a concept:

The fact that life exists on earth is totally because of the –presence of factors that aid life to thrive : the gaseous factors or simply put the atmosphere with its balanced composition of gases, the liquid factors specifically water, and the solid factor i.e the soil.

All these factors comprehensively affect and control one most important life factor that does not fall into any of the three categories. Which is climate.

Climate , generally refers to the weather conditions prevailing in an area and characteristic to that area of the earth, over a long period of time. Any significant, perceivable and permanent change in the climate occurring over a wide range of thousands of years is called climate change. It is to be noted that any short duration or seasonal fluctuations are not termed climate change. Experts , when referring to climate change primarily refer to the rise in average temperature of the earth. Other effects of climate change are considered to be the offshoots of the rise in temperature. This phenomenon is specifically called Global warming.

Earth’s climate has never been static. Over the billions of years, it has changed in all forms: spells of gradual change as well as a drastic turnover. But all of these changes have been due to natural causes. Nature has its own self-adjusting mechanism, which explains these changes. But the ‘climate change’ that has happened in the recent past i.e in the last hundred years have been due to human intervention. These interventions are in the form of increase in CO2 levels of emission from fossil fuel combustion, aerosols, ozone layer depletion, deforestation. Apart from these, comparatively minor causes like cattle rearing, rice cultivation, fertilizer usage etc contribute to climate change.

Consequences of climate change:

There is a strong reason why the world is looking at the climate change issue with a magnifying lens. It is bound to cause serious virtually irreversible consequences going by the scientifically researched data.

The primary effect of climate change is the rise in average temperature of earth. This rise in temperature has been the known reason for the fast receding glaciers of the world eventually leading to spells of floods and droughts. Another secondary consequence is the rising of the sea level. This will lead to submerging of coastal cities and towns across the globe. Considering the fact that 90% of the world’s important cities, capitals and settlements are along the coastline, this is a serious problem staring down on us. Migration of population from the coast to the interior region is an almost certain scenario. Extreme weather conditions like heat wave or cold wave are highly possible and have even been experienced lately. Crop yield will go down leading to a serious threat to the food security in the countries of the world. Floral and faunal species will find it difficult to adapt to the climatic changes and might be wiped out. Diseases, that were not characteristically inherent to a particular region, will spread fast among humans and cattle population living in that region. There...
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