The Pitfalls of Homework

Topics: High school, Effect, Sleep deprivation Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: April 22, 2014
The Pitfalls of Homework

It is quite natural for students, especially those in high school, to consider homework as an arch enemy. You may find a very small percentage of students who actually like doing homework and have fun doing it. Although teachers and schools see a lot of positives in students doing homework, recent research on the topic of homework has produced results that are quite the contrary of their point of view. It has been pointed out that a lot of homework can actually do more harm than good for the development of a student.

The criticisms about homework
The most common criticisms about homework are mainly related to what are actually considered the positive aspects of homework. It is a common view that homework enhances the effectiveness of learning; however the fact is that it actually hinders learning as students consider it as a pressure more than anything. Some people also consider that it is helpful in keeping students engaged in their studies. On the other hand, homework actually has a negative impact on full engagement of students in their academics. Homework also adversely affects the physical and mental well-being of students. The mental growth is affected as too much time is spent on focusing on how to finish homework and it ends up draining the brain of students. Physical well-being is affected as kids do not get time for outdoor activities due to the burden of homework.

Too much homework is associated with:
Higher Stress: Research proves that a high percentage of students feel that homework is the biggest factor in increasing stress in their lives and can cause more stress than tests or getting good grades. Stress from homework can be more threatening as it is something that you will have to face on a regular basis. Worse Health: Too much homework can lead to several health issues such as sleep deprivation, severe headaches, loss of weight and stomach problems among others. If these issues get severe, they can have a...
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