The Pillow Method "Teens Think They Know Best"

Topics: Family, Decision making, Full-time Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: February 19, 2012
Teens Think They Know Best
My 17 year old cousin always argues with my aunt of why she should be able to date older guys that are at least 5 years older than her. My aunt tries to explain to her why she shouldn’t, but the argument always tends to lead to mother daughter separation. Position 1: My Cousin Is Right, My Aunt Is Wrong

My cousin says she has the ability to distinguish right from wrong and make decisions on her own. She says she is old enough to understand any consequences that will follow her decisions. She tells my aunt she has a lot of important decisions to make as a young adult, such as what degree she wants to pursue; what part time job she wants to work at; what type of friends she hangs around with; etc. She says it should be her choice of who she wants to go out with and/or see, despite my aunt’s efforts to tell her what is right for her. Position 2: My Aunt Is Right, My Cousin Is Wrong

My aunt has obviously been around longer than my cousin. She is more experienced in the “real world”. My aunt, a very loveable woman, is most likely just looking out for her daughter’s best interest. A 17 year old teenager’s inexperience may lead her to make a decision that she may regret. My aunt is well aware of the dangers that are out there because of the media coverage on child predators. The overwhelming amount of older men, who are trying to take advantage of younger girls, increases dramatically with time. Knowing this, my aunt is just trying to protect her “little girl” from experiencing such misfortune, thus, dating older men, is prohibited in her home. Position 3: They Are Both Right, They Are Both Wrong

My cousin’s point is quite clear. She does have the right to make her own decisions, but only if she isn’t living under my aunt’s circumstances. It is inevitable to prevent young girls to like guys, especially guys that are quite older than them. They think they know everything and are very hard headed and stubborn with their...
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