The Pig Man Short Story

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Тхе пигман ис деад

The story the Pig man is about two high schoolers named John,who was known for plenty of poor choices, including prevarications and shows a great deal of proficiency in it too, and Lorraine, an insecure girl who moved to the area not long ago who has lots of anxiety, which befriended the Pig man, a very ecstatic person and not ingrate at all, after playing a joke on him. They had pretended to be charity workers and convinced him to donate $10. They continued visiting his house almost as an avocation when they could and eventually became excellent friends. Once they had started visiting regularly they would journey out to places such as stores, zoos, and oodles of other places. By the time they had become certainly wonderful
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It didn't bother him as their friendship had grown much greater than they all had imagined. They one day went out and bought roller skates, John and Lorraine rode their skates out of the store as the Pig man ran behind. John and Lorraine were at the Pig man's the day of a snowstorm and John was skating around the house soon followed by Lorraine and the Pig man, while they were playing tag and acting quite infantile John ran up the stairs and the Pig man followed, where he had a heart attack on his way up. Lorraine and John decided to throw a party while he was in the hospital. The party started out calm and just a few of their nocturnal friends and plenty of hors d'oeuvres, but soon after it had gone haywire and was getting ugly, especially when Norton, an antagonist of Johns had shown up. They hadn't expected the Pig man to arrive home until later tomorrow, but he showed up during the night while the party was in full swing and were mortified when they realized he was home. Which had become quite the predicament for all of them.They weren't in contact with him for a few days, once they had contacted him, he sounded highly ill and appeared to be in horrible shape. John and Lorraine asked if he would like to acquaintance with them to visit Bobo for a

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