The Pieces That Made the Movie

Topics: Thanksgiving, Peter Hedges, The Neighbors Pages: 3 (1002 words) Published: May 7, 2013
3 April 2013
The Pieces That Made The Movie

Many films come out each year that are unrealistic in comparison to the real world, making it hard for viewers to relate to the characters or to the story. Some of the best films make fiction believable, or they are based around real life events from the past. Movies released based on holidays in particular, can give the world visions of stereotypical American families that live and interact with one another unrealistically. Pieces Of April, directed by Peter Hedges, gives audiences a realistic example of how Thanksgiving can patch up holes between relatives and bring a family closer together. April, (the main character), shows audiences the positive transitions of her own identity throughout the film, as she makes a believable attempt at creating a better relationship with her family by hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

The apprehension April shows early on in the film regarding her family’s visit, turns into enthusiasm of their arrival. Although April was not familiar with cooking, she showed expectations that the preparation of the meal would be an easier task than it ended up to be. She faced a few major obstacles that took viewers through loop holes along with her, keeping the story interesting. When she went to place the ice cold turkey into the oven, the oven happened to be broken. In her attempt to mash uncooked potatoes, she just made a mess and April learned quickly that canned and boxed ingredients were inferior to home recipes. In April’s search for a working oven, some of her neighbors turned out to be very helpful while others were no help at all. The dinner that initially was a task for one person, turned into an effort set forth by several people. The group effort led up to a very powerful ending which displayed unity and cooperation that a holiday like Thanksgiving should be all about.

April’s family did not have high hopes for the Thanksgiving dinner she was hosting. April’s sister, Beth, did not...
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