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This pie chart shows us the percentage of immigration from Russia between 2003-2008. From different sources of information there are five different countries which contain a large number of immigrants from Russia. Nowadays we can easily change our place for living. Somebody is searching for a highly paid job, another wants to have a luxury life, to learn foreign language or give their child good education. The main reasons why our compatriots immigrate are:

In search of a new job and implementation - 39% ;
Refugees - 22 % ;
Study - 20%;
Married - 15%;
Others - 4%.
There are several countries whither Russian immigrants go more often. For the 2003-2008 years period the total number of immigrants was 229,579 thousand people. The first place of immigrants from Russia takes America (85.748 people) it is 37, 35%. They choose this country because salary is quite good, easy to move from one city to another and famous universities for example Massachusetts Institute of Technology or Harvard University are there. The second place takes German. 53.338 immigrants lived there. The main reason why people emigrate to this country is high-quality medicine and high standard of living. As regard to Canada, it is one of the beautiful countries which in rich in natural resources. The total number of immigrants from Russia is 20.015 it is 8,71%. As for Greece, you can see fruits which are growing on the street. Beaches, perfect weather, all what you need. The total numbers of Russian immigrants was 9940 people. The total numbers of our compatriots in Spain was 5077 people. If you have some income, you will be able to wear clothes made ​​qualitatively and eat fresh food. The other countries are Italy, Norway, France, Great Britain and Sweden. Which consist 23%.
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