The Picture of Dorian Gray

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The book treats the history of Dorian Gray, a charming and beautiful boy who lived in London and who belonged to a noble family. When he met Basil Hallward, a painter, Dorian became the inspiration of this artist to make an authentic work of art: A picture based on the own Dorian Gray. This picture was considered the best of the works of Basil Hallward has ever done, to such a point that Dorian liked very much and, under the influence of a friend of Basil, Lord Henry, he make a deal with the devil for which Dorian would remain young eternally and the picture would bear his soul reflect, concreted in his actions and sins, and also it would grow older with the pass of time.

At first, Dorian liked the picture, but, when he begins to be influenced by Lord Henry and he commits several sins, he decided to hide the picture in a room of his house and close the door with a key, in order to nobody could see the picture. That’s because the picture changed with every sin that Dorian commit. Dorian, under the influence of Lord Henry, changed his behaviour: he caused the death of several persons he met: Firstly, she caused the death of Sybil Vane, an actress who was his girlfriend, when in a play that she acted really bad, he shouted and insulted her and he told her he wouldn’t want to see her anymore. She was extremely in love with him, and the idea of not-seeing him anymore made Sybil finish with her life. When Dorian knew the news, became affected, but in a few hours it stopped to worrying him, as we could see in his words: “A wonderful ending, to a wonderful play”(p.98) Then, he murdered his friend Basil Hallward, after showing him his secret of the picture and in order to not arouse suspicions, he asked Alan Campbell, a chemist, to do disappear the dead body with a chemical product. Alan Campbell, denied at first, but Dorian threated him with showing secrets, so Alan finally acceded. However, after doing that, Alan Campbell...

Bibliography: ●Oscar Wilde: “The Picture Of Dorian Gray”. Penguin Classics. Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Robert Mighall. (2000)
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