The Pianist

Topics: World War II, Nazi Germany, The Holocaust Pages: 2 (843 words) Published: August 26, 2011
Historically World War II has caused a huge impact around the world. Many people have known The Second World War as one of the most devastating wars in history with more than 70 million of people killed. One of the main reasons of this war was Hitler and his ambitions of creating a perfect race. Due to this was that some enmities around countries in the the world began. Hitler`s empire hated the Jews and forced them to go to the concentration camps. Jews under the rule of Hitler had a miserable life. In the movie the pianist we can see how the Jews suffer for the Nazi abuse in the concentration camps. In this movie the protagonist Wladyslaw Szpilman struggle to survive. This man spent five years wandering, seeking shelter and food whenever he could find it. This was the situation of many Jews who had the luck of not being killed in the concentration camps. The reaction of the Jews to Hitler`s actions probably was of surprise because they didn`t understand very well what was happening. The Germans think they are superior and that`s all they know. The Jews know that they have to be very careful because they are killing every single Jew in the way and they can do nothing about it because they don`t have the army nor the equipment to defend themselves from such powerful army like was the German army. Then there is what is known the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising which was the poor resistance of the Jews for the Holocaust. This took place in Poland in 1943 and a representation of it is featured in the movie. In The Pianist the protagonist had the luck to survive because several people help him. This people were in their majority Polish but in one occasion a German general help him. This is how he got the chance to become who he did at the end of the movie. This didn`t actually happened with the real people in The Holocaust because the majority died. I think that the German general that help Wladek in the movie was doing it for interest more than anything...
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