The Physiology of Fitness

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The Physiology of Fitness
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In this report we will be testing the effects of exercise on the cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system. In order to investigate the effects of exercise on these systems, we are going to run a number of tests monitoring and analysing the two components of fitness; muscular strength and aerobic endurance. We are also going to cover the effects of exercise on the different energy systems and the respiratory system. We will be doing 8 training sessions to train all of the systems listed above. We will be doing 4 strength training sessions and 4 cardiovascular training sessions. We will get the participants to do a test to see what level they are at, and we will design training sessions to beat their original results, after  all participants have completed the training sessions we will get them to do a second test to see whether they have improved from the training sessions . I expect in the 1 rep max bench press I will lift the most as I train regularly and   have done a lot of weight training in the past and  other participants haven’t done as much weight training before.  I expect Hal to lift the second heaviest as he weighs the most which will give him more of an advantage as he will be using more weight. I expect Ellen to lift the lightest as she weighs the lightest and is quite small which I think might be a disadvantage. In the cardiovascular system we are seeing who has the quickest recovery rate and who has the lowest heart rate. I expect to see David to have the quickest recovery rate and the lowest heart rate, as he plays football and takes part in cross country running regularly.  

We are testing participant muscular strength by doing there 1rep max in bench press, we will be watching participants while they are doing there 1rep max so it is fair and no one can cheat. We will be doing a 10 minute warm up beforehand 5 minutes on the rowing machine and 5 minutes warming with light weights on the straight barbell then we will have a 3 minute rest before performing there 1rep max in bench press. We will record their results by writing down every bodies result on paper. For the cardiovascular system we our getting participants to do a 5 minute warm up beforehand then to go on a tread mill for 10 minutes whilst wearing a heart monitor we will start on level 7 to 14, to find out there heart rate at the end, then will quickly get them to lay down on the floor and time with a stop watch to see how long it takes to reach their resting heart rate. We will be writing down there results on paper and then do the same next time to see if they have improved.  From the 1rep max bench press results I will be planning training sessions working on improving their muscular strength so they can beat their original 1rep max in bench press. In the 1rep max in bench press Equipment Needed: Flat bench press, straight barbell, heart monitor and stop watch. Technique used for bench pressed

I had to lay down on the bench press ensuring my eyes were in line with the barbell before proceeding with the first set. You need to make sure your legs our spread out feet our flat on the floor. Your fingers need to be gripping on the guide line then you lift the barbell up and lower it to the bottom part of your pectoral muscle and raise it back up but not fully extending the arms as this can be bad for the joints and as you come down with the barbell you inhale and when you push the barbell up you exhale.

Session 1
Shrugs | Seated dumbbell shoulder press |  backward flies | Dumbbell Shoulder raises | Set 1. 32kg on each dumbbell ,   of  10 reps  | Set 1. 20kg of 10 reps | Set 1. 10kg of 10 reps | Set 1. 10kg of 10 reps | Set 2. 32kg on each dumbbell ,   of  8 reps  | Set 2. 20kg of 8 reps| Set 2. 10kg of 8 reps | Set 2. 10kg of 8 reps| Set 3. 32kg on each dumbbell ,   of  8 reps  | Set 3. 20kg of 6 reps | Set 3. 10kg of 8 reps|...
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