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Topics: Emotion, Feeling, The Hidden Pages: 5 (1053 words) Published: May 7, 2015
Hidden Emotions
Esther Ki

“Is it really possible to tell someone else what one feels?” said Leo Tolstoy. Not all people can portray their feelings easily, and it is difficult to figure out exactly how someone feels. People often refuse to express their emotions verbally. Instead, people often express their feelings unintentionally, when they are turned around (when there is a specific action, like when someone is slouching or spacing out), or through other self-expression (such as outfits, accessories, and other items that people may carry around). Through these slight changes in their physical appearances, people’s deep thoughts and emotions that were hidden can be revealed.

#1 Feeling the music
On March 1, 2015, David Ki, enjoys his time rehearsing his
concert music for the upcoming band concert in Eagleview
Middle School. “I usually do not like getting disturbed while practicing,” said David Ki. As a 7th grader, David was
learning that aging meant more responsibilities. When he is
faced towards the wall, his emotional appearance seemed to
be very concentrated and lively, as he was swaying while
playing his pieces.

#2 The Thinker
On March 2, 2015, Insook Yun sits on the carpet of the
master bedroom thinking of what to do with her son (David’ s) obsession for his phone. “Ever since I got him a phone, he hasn’t been doing well in school. All he cares about these days is playing with his phone,” said Insook Yun. She had

already tried to take away David’s phone for weeks and did not return it to him; However David managed to take his
phone without Insook noticing. As the issue was progressing
on, it seemed like her emotions were being worried, and it
seemed to show it when she was simply turned around.

#3 Scarves for warmth
On March 4, 2015, Megan Smith dresses for warmth on the
snowy day. But instead of just wearing a sweater, boots, and pants, she added a scarf to her outfit. “I like to wear scarves,” said Megan. Since Colorado has frequent snow, Megan decided
to wear her outfit based off of the weather. Her outfit and body language show her weariness for the constant snow and

#4 Dress for comfort
During class in Journalism (Gold 3), on March 4, 2015, Shyanne Hawken posed to show her confidence in her outfit. “I was tired this morning, so I threw a cardigan on and I usually wear
necklaces because it makes me feel comfortable and it feels weird not wearing them,” said Shyanne. When she wore her outfit, her expressions and body language showed her content with the
school day/year.

#5 Feeling Gray
On March 4, 2015, Gabrielle Stephen wore shades of gray with basic print with simple blue jeans and a pair of black boots. Gabrielle’s outfit portrayed how she was feeling that morning. “Actually the gray makes me feel really boring,” said Gabrielle. On a snowy day, Gabrielle felt bored and lazy and expressed herself through her outfit.

#6 Family reading
Everyday in the month of March,
Duggen Ki, Insook Yun, and David Ki
are gathered around the living room
reading Bible scriptures, for the new
family time that was created just couple
days ago. The Ki family did not have a
lot of family time before, and to solve
the problem, a family reading group was
formed. “It is actually nice to see all of
my family members and read and talk
about our day,” said Duggen Ki. Since
Duggen Ki was a pastor, he mostly
stayed at church and did not get to
spend his time with family. The hidden
emotions of both Insook Yun and
Duggen Ki seem more focused and

#7 Sporty and Playful
On March 2, 2015, Megan Humphreys and Natalie Barcelon
dressed out in shorts and comfortable shirts for Total Fitness class. But this fashion wasn’t just for gym class, most of the days they both wore athletic clothing and this was mostly
based on their mood. On days that they felt energetic and
happy, they chose to wear brighter colors and dressed for

#8 Dark &...
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