The Philosophy of Man

Topics: Philosophy, Martin Buber, Metaphysics Pages: 3 (600 words) Published: September 10, 2010
Michael Allan Fortes

Prelim Examination on Philosophy of Man II

I. Explain the following:

1. Man as embodied subjectivity.

- The phenomenologist, on the other hand, sees man as embodied subjectivity. This is not just a matter of language, for language does matter. Language does not just picture reality; it helps create reality’s meaning. Man is foremost a subjectivity, a unique core or center, source, depth, well-spring of initiative and meaning. Our term “kalooban” fits the description. Note that subjectivity is not limited to rationality but includes the affective, the emotional, and as well.

2. Man as Being-in-the-world.

- As embodied subject, man is a being-in-the-world. The human body is the link of man with a world. The phenomenologist speaks of world or worlds of man, rather than environment. Environment refers to animals, but the things around man are not simply objects lying; they form a network of meanings, in and on and around which man organizes his life.

3. Man as being-with: the interhuman and the social.

- The world of man, of course, is not just the world of things but also the world of fellowman. Here the phenomenologist speaks of two dimensions, the interpersonal and the social, the neighbor and the socius.

The interhuman is the I-thou relationship between persons that the Jewish philosopher martin buber emphasizes in contrast to monologue. Genuine dialogue begins when one passes beyond the world of seeming and enters into communication with the other by becoming aware of his totality.

4. Man as person and his crowning activity is love which presupposes justice.

- The final aim of education, formal or informal is becoming a person, “madaling maging tao, mahirap magpakatao”. “Person” is the task of becoming oneself. The individuality of man is one that he has to become freely and consciously in time, in the...
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