The Philosophy of Dr. Jose Rizal

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The Philosophy of Dr. Jose Rizal
* PHILOSOPHY may be defined as study and pursuit of facts which deal with ultimate reality or causes of things as they affect life.

The philosophy of country like Philippines
* made up of intricate/composite interrelationship of life histories of its people * philosophy of our nation would be strange & undefinable if we do not delve into past tied up with notable life experiences of representative personalities of our nation.

Jose Rizal
* one of prominent representatives of Filipino personalities * fit subject whose life philosophy deserves to be recognized * having been victim of Spanish brutality early in his life in Calamba, he had thus already formed nucleus of unfavourable opinion of Castillian imperialistic administration of his country and people.

* Pitiful social conditions existed in Philippines as late as 3 centuries after his conquest in Spain, with agriculture, commerce, communications & education languishing under its most backward state. * It was because of this social malady that social evils like inferiority complex, cowardice, timidity and false pride pervaded nationally and contributed to decay of social life. * This stimulated and shaped Rizal’s life philosophy to be to contain if not eliminate these social ills.

Educational Philosophy
* Instruction
* Rizal’s concept of importance of education is clearly enunciated in his work * wherein he sought improvements in schools and in methods of teaching. * He maintained that backwardness of his country during Spanish era was not due to Filipinos’ indifference, apathy or indolence as claimed by rulers, but to neglect of Spanish authorities in islands. * For Rizal, mission of education is to elevate country to highest seat of glory and to develop people’s mentality. * education is foundation of society and prerequisite for social progress * Rizal claimed that only through education could country be saved from domination. 

* Rizal’s philosophy of education
* centers on provision of proper motivation in order to bolster the great social forces that make education a success, to create in youth an innate desire to cultivate his intelligence and give him life eternal.

Religious Philosophy
* Rizal grew up nurtured by closely-knit Catholic family, was educated in foremost Catholic schools of period in elementary, secondary and college levels * logically, he should have been propagator of strictly Catholic traditions. * Later in life, he developed life philosophy of different nature, a philosophy of different Catholic practice intermingled with use of Truth and Reason.

Why the change?
* result of contemporary contact, companionship, observation, research and possession of independent spirit. * Being critical observer, profound thinker and zealous reformer, Rizal did not agree with prevailing Christian propagation of Faith by fire and sword. * shown in his Annotation of Morga’s Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas * Rizal did not believe in Catholic dogma that salvation was only for Catholics and that outside Christianity, salvation was not possible even if Catholics composed only small minority of world’s religious groups. * Nor did he believe in Catholic observation of fasting as sacrifice, nor in sale of such religious items as cross, medals, and rosaries and like in order to propagate Faith and raise church funds. * He also lambasted superstitious beliefs propagated by priests in church and in schools. * All of these and lot more are evidences of Rizal’s religious philosophy

Political Philosophy
In Rizal’s political view, conquered country like Philippines should not be taken advantage of but rather should be developed, civilized, educated and trained in science of self-government.

He bitterly assailed/criticized in publications apparent backwardness of Spanish ruler’s...
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