The Pheromone Products

Topics: Perfume, Sexual intercourse, Aroma compound Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: March 13, 2005
Pheromone Products

Recent studies have suggested that pheromones alter sexual behaviour. Fragrance companies have caught on to this and are funding research on pheromones in the area specific to sexual arousal (Delude: 2003). Fragrances offered by Vogue called ‘Chemical: Attraction', for both men and women, alluringly display such messages as ‘Warning: Contains pheromones (wear if you dare!) May excite wild physical attraction' (Delude: 2003). Although pheromones is said to cause an almost immediate sexual response, scientists cautiously advice that these studies were conducted almost exclusively on animals and the effect have never been observed in humans (Delude: 2003). The internet is serving as a source for purchasing products containing pheromones such as ‘Primal Instinct' and Rogue male' offering curious internet surfers a chance to be a sex magnet (Delude: 2003). Leslie Smith, an organic chemist and vice president of fragrance technology and development at Coty International, stated that her company's goal is to create a fragrance that generates the same effect of pheromones on humans as it does on animals (Delude: 2003). Two compounds that are said to imitate the effects of pheromones are andandrostadienone (AND) and estratetraenol (EST) (Delude: 2003). Scientists claim these compounds are pheromones because they alter mood and change brain patterns which are detected through brain imaging (Delude: 2003). Synthesized versions of these two compounds have already been made and it is suspected that some companies have licensed them to market as ‘sexual essences' (Delude: 2003).


Delude, Cathryn. (9/2/2003). Looking for love potion number nine: Scientists and perfumers are searching for the chemical scent that drives humans wild. The Boston Globe. Retrived March 2, 2005 from,
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