The Personal Religious Beliefs Of Edward VI

Topics: Edward VI of England, Church of England, Mary I of England Pages: 2 (1301 words) Published: April 24, 2015
‘The personal religious beliefs of Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I explain the religious changes of the years 1547-66’ How far do you agree with this opinion?

In these years we see much change to religion within England as it goes from Protestant to Catholic back to much more mild Protestantism under Elizabeth. I believe that Edward and Mary do these changes because of their religious beliefs and we see some significant changes under Edward and Mary, for example the change back to the Rome and the Papacy leading the church under Mary and second protestant prayer book in 1551 under Edward. However the religious changes made to the country under the rule of Elizabeth differ, they are much more pragmatic for European diplomacy. I feel as Elizabeth avoids confrontation with the key European power such as Spain and France, and instead pushes aside her religious beliefs and thinks for the easiest way to keep peace within European diplomacy. Edward was a Calvinist protestant, he believed the religion of the country to be protestant, and things started changing. Firstly with the introduction of the 1st prayer book in 1549, to show that it was is beliefs speaking he rejected it as it was not protestant enough for his liking which shows that he wanted to be a full protestant country. The banning of catholic images started prior to the prayer book in 1547 after a royal injunction was passed which stated all church were to burn Catholic images and this started to happen and Catholicism started to fade away. More changes came as the act of six articles and heresy laws were both lifted which resulted in the publish of Protestant literature as well as clergy member preaching protestant ideas in their parishes. The removal of key Catholic figures started with the removal of Stephen Gardiner and Edmund Bonner who were Catholics and they were arrested and imprisoned. As regency changed from Somerset to Northumberland protestant ideas started to become more significant as...
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