The Person I Admire the Most

Topics: Family, Mother, Goa Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: November 20, 2013
Hi friends, here’s is my new post about the person whom i admire the most.There are many people whom not only me but we all admire like film stars,Freedom fighters,Cricketers,Singers,ETC…….But there is one person whom I admire the most and that is no one but my mother.

My mothers name is Ayesha Shaikh and she is 38 years old but she doesn’t looks like her age because she is fair and very cute and beautiful.She is very kind and likes to help others specially the poor,when our aunt who comes to sweep the floor she gives her tea and breakfast and when she comes in afternoon she serves her lunch.She is full of humor.Her smile is awesome.She is a house wife.But first she used work in an office named “Deepak cables private limited .She used to work as an office administrator.Which has been now shifted to Bihar.So mama doesn’t work now.She plays an important role in my life.I love her a lot.First when we had come to Goa we didn’t go to school because we had come in the mid year and then mama had sent us to tution because first we used to stay in Maharashtra where there was no English but Marathi and we didn’t knew to speak. We got the admission in St.Joseph school in Margao Goa.She helped us to learn English.Now because of her we can speak English.Her dream was to go/join in the military and also to become a doctor but it would not get fulfilled because of some reason.She wanted to do something for our world/India.She wanted to become like her father who was also in military.

Now my dream is to become a police and join the military and do something for our India and make my mom feel proud of me.She alone takes care of our family ie:My father and we 6 sisters and sometimes our grandparents also come to stay for a few months.she liked when we danced and she is a good singer.she always encourages us in whatever we do.She likes to keep the house clean and likes to learn new things.

I love my mom a lot and i am lucky to have a mother like her.There are many...
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